Bellydance is sensual, glamorous, feminine. It’s variable, rhythmic and elegant.
The original name is Raks (middle) Sharki (dance). We can find a lot of information about the history of bellydance, but like the size of the universe, we will never be sure if everything is true. Therefore I haven’t chosen any explanation. Maybe some things are just there to be mysterious.
Here’s a fact: the dance was originally danced by women and only for women. The dance is not especially intended to seduce men, still many people believe this stereotype though.

Belly dancing is ‘Spunst’ ©. Beware: this is a Dutch word!
I have given bellydance a nickname. It is the ultimate combination of sport and art. So, in English that nickname would be ‘Spart‘.
This dance is a sport, because it’s a real exercise! Being able to control ‘contraction and release*’, requires lots of energy. (*by Martha Graham)
This dance is also a piece of art, because belly dancing is wonderful to watch. The dancer actually translates the music into movements. Hossam Ramzy would say: ‘The true art of oriental dancing is to visually hear the music’.
Each dancer shows it’s own style and technique and therefore they are all unique! It’s very important to show feeling and emotion when dancing.
Raks Sharki is good for this country. And good for the world. She brings people and cultures together! Finally, dancing can keep our body and mind in balance.

*‘Contraction and release‘ by Martha Graham